Love exists in life and in death, that’s why at TOLOVEANDIE we create music for both worlds

We are musical creators, and we offer you 2 types of services.
Waltzes or Songs for Weddings, for that moment of special love.
And Songs for Funerals, to say goodbye with music to a friend or family member, or even to yourself.
TOLOVEANDIE has been created by a musical composers group with the intention of providing beaity sound happy moments such as the waltz of the bride, and groom and sad moments such as the ending of a loved one.
In both moments the love is the protagonist.

We have 2 type of services and they are delivered in the following formats:

●Waltz or Wedding Song:
1) CD Format with or without Score
2) Digital File Format with or without Score
● Songs for Funerals
1) CD Format with or without Poem and with or without Score
2) Digital File Format with or without Poem and with or without Score.
Firstly so congratulations if you are going to get married.
And a lot of strength for the loss of one friend or family member.
In any case, music always gives feeling and beautifies everything.

By LOVES in life and BEAUTIFUL goodbyes.

"Loving you I learned that you can always start over, and in your death I felt that my love was still intact.  That's why I want you alive.  On the other hand, if you die, I want you in peace."

Example of a waltz created by us for one wedding.

Un Vals Para… (By Sergio Zurutuza)

Example of Song for the bride and groom


Example of possible songs for Funerals

Hasta Siempre…
Ixkutuan Pt. IV
Intro Nahia + Nahia

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At TOLOVEANDIE we turn your wedding into something beautiful and original, and also the farewell into something unforgettable and emotional.


Work us for your senses